Digital Assets

Accepting Digital Assets in Your Small Business

Most would agree that the Internet has drastically changed the global business landscape. It’s allowed businesses to expand their services and products into international markets. Grow their potential customer-base to one of a global scale. Information was free to be shared and consumed from nearly anywhere on earth with just the click of a button. […]

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Digital Securities: The Tokenization of Everything

Bitcoin is the first digitally-native, scarce, online asset ever created. When I say this I mean that Bitcoin cannot be copied. It can’t be duplicated. It’s a currency whose digital scarcity is verified through open-source software and the power of the crowd. Much like the Internet is free and borderless, Bitcoin is free and open […]

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Long-tail crypto

Why Crypto is the Ultimate Long-Tail Investment

The Internet has changed the world around us more drastically than many of us thought possible. It’s transformed the foundation of our very lives. How we live has changed, how we socialize has changed, and how we do business has changed. The Internet has also demonstrated something quite amazing that had never been realized on […]

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Why Travel and Cryptocurrencies Go Together like Mario and Luigi

Some thoughts on cryptocurrency and the global travel industry: Cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, is a truly global currency. One bitcoin will always be worth one bitcoin no matter what corner of the globe you’re in. No need to worry about those pesky exchange rates when exchanging between the hundreds of different fiat currencies. Paying with bitcoin, […]

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