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The Era of the Crypto Nomad

Not many would argue that the job market of today is boring and static. Rather, most would probably argue that the job market of today is constantly evolving and changing direction. I mean it’s really only in the last 15- 20 years that the Internet took off and look at us now. It’s hard to imagine a life without the Internet. People’s whole lives are conducted on the Internet. All their bills are paid there, they keep in contact with their friends and family via various social media sites, pick up freelancing gigs online and some can conduct every facet of their business from anywhere in the world, the only requirement being an Internet connection. Yes, working remotely from anywhere you want in the world is a possibility thanks to the Internet and launching a small business has never been easier. More and more people nowadays are foregoing long commutes through crazy traffic to work from home. Or better yet, people are foregoing being tied to one location at all, and are conducting their business from anywhere of their choosing. The world being their “office.” And I believe this kind of lifestyle is only accelerating. We enter the Era of the Crypto Nomad.

Crypto Nomad; The Definition

A new age digital nomad who isn’t geographically tied to one location. Through his or her acceptance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which transcend all discriminatory barriers like geography, politics, corruption, etc, allows them to conduct borderless business on a global scale. Crypto nomads are able to tap into the social network of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and access a universal system of value exchange unhindered by traditional business barriers. Anyone with an Internet connection is able to gain access to this new economy and global marketplace.

The Life of the Crypto Nomad

The Crypto Nomad lives a very unique life. He sets his own schedule, works when he wants, and from wherever he wants. Each day is drastically different than the one before it. One day he could earn a lot of income and the next he could lose a lot. There is a sort of ebb and flow to his income as work comes in and work goes out. Some days he’s busy writing technical articles for a company based out of India and the next he’s designing a website for a small business in Australia. Rather than worry about how they’re going to navigate the complex international payments network and get paid for their work, they bill their clients and customers in Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, it allows the Crypto Nomad the freedom to conduct their business whenever they want, from wherever they want and with whoever they want to do it with. The Crypto Nomad isn’t bound by the a notion of the 9 to 5. They hold their earnings in a global currency that travels with them. Wherever they’re at in the world they still have access to their Bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 Bitcoin everywhere in the world. If the Crypto Nomad is backpacking through Australia and needs to convert some to the local currency, they log into their online crypto wallet and convert some Bitcoin to the local currency. Or if someone in India wants to put some of his meager wages into Bitcoin and be part of a global, borderless marketplace, he can.

The Crypto Nomad is also able to cut through a lot of the red tape involved in running a business, especially a global one. All it takes for him to conduct business with anyone in the world is a digital crypto wallet and a useful technical talent or skill. That’s it. Cryptocurrencies are allowing us to enter the age of the micro-business. Cryptocurrencies are giving rise to the crypto nomad and his (her) micro-businesses. If the crypto nomad wants to launch a business that writes blockchain articles for young startups, they can do that. But let’s say that business only brings in $20,000 of value a year. Since the business only takes up about 8 hours of your week on average, you can launch another creative business. Maybe now you want to launch a website design course for kids aged 12-15. This business took a while to launch, occupying much of your work week, but now that it’s up and running, there’s little overhead cost and little upkeep. The business revenue varies, but it’s now bringing in an average of $50,000 a year. Maybe you wanted to launch another creative project on the side, after these first two micro-businesses. Or maybe you’re fine with your current income and workload and instead want to do business from a cafe in Thailand for the next 6 months, where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in other areas of the world.

Crypto Nomad = Creative Freedom on a Global Scale

The whole point of the Crypto Nomad is, ultimately, freedom. The creative freedom to choose what projects you want to pursue. The freedom to choose what your working hours are, whether you’re a night owl or a morning person. The freedom to choose where you want to launch your business on the globe and the freedom to choose where you travel while running it. The beauty of blockchain and cryptocurrencies isn’t that it will solve every issue in your life and allow you to make untold riches immediately. No, the beauty of the blockchain is that it’s an entirely new network. A network of value exchange unhindered by traditional business barriers. A global marketplace that, for the entrepreneurial, hardworking, and open-minded, will allow anyone in the world to launch a company or business on.

Crypto Industry: Moving Forward

Crypto Nomads will be the weird ones who take 5 minutes trying to pay for their coffee with Bitcoin at the local hipster coffee shop. They will be the object of fascination as others wonder how the heck you’re paying for your double mocha frappuccino by scanning that barcode on the counter with your phone. Some will be curious and ask questions. Some may ridicule you. But I can guarantee you that most won’t understand the true power of being tied into the global crypto economy. The power to do business with every man, woman, and child on earth and exchange value near instantaneously. New networks will form and entirely new business models will be created. The first ones to realize this will reap the rewards in this new economy.

The technology is still young and unproven. The user-friendliness is lacking. People believe that cryptocurrencies are still associated with criminal activity, and maybe some are, but these things will all only improve over time as businesses start to realize and develop more and more use cases for blockchain technology. As we enter the age of the micro-business and the crypto nomad, people will realize that cryptocurrencies allow for a truly global and frictionless marketplace. One where any sort of business idea you can imagine, even the weird ones, may find a home in crypto.

Cameron GrandPre

Cameron GrandPre is a freelance writer focused on decentralized finance, cryptocurrencies and other fintech innovations. He's passionate about small business adoption of bitcoin and stablecoin assets, like Facebook's Libra project.

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