Digital Treasury Profile: For Individuals

 Leverage stablecoins for all your short-term financial needs & bitcoin as a long-term savings vehicle. Identify the digital treasury profile that’s right for you. Find out more below:

Go Digital. Free Your Finances

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A Balanced Digital Treasury Strategy

Managing your financial treasury is a balancing act. Ensuring you have the capital to meet your short-term financial needs, while identifying assets that guarantee long-term purchasing power stability is increasingly difficult in today’s low-yield environment. The best strategies are often times the most simple. Identify your short-term financial overhead, your long-term business vision and proceed to allocate resources towards the Treasury Profile that fits your needs. Read below to find a Profile that works for you:

I am the Newbie

Man contemplating

Target Allocation: 5% Bitcoin, 95% Fiat

Profile: The Newbie is the bravest of all individuals on this list. They’ve made the decision to start their way down the bitcoin rabbit hole, a truly monumental first step for everyone. These individuals are open-minded and curious. Perhaps they get the sense that something doesn’t feel right with the financial system. Maybe they’re curious about this thing called bitcoin that their friend won’t shut up about. Or maybe their just in it to make some money. Regardless of the underlying reason, these people have made their first step down the bitcoin rabbit hole, not knowing what may lay on the otherside. A 5% allocation to bitcoin seems like a lot to them, and it should. Placing your trust in a leaderless, open-source currency is a big step. 

Key Requirements: Patience, Curiosity & Willingness to Learn

I am the Cautious Optimist

Target Allocation: 10% Bitcoin, 90% Fiat & Fiat-Backed Stablecoins

Profile: The Cautious Optimist has a been around the bitcoin block before. These individuals have had conversations with various friends, family and relatives and are intrigued on how this idea could play out in real-life. They’ve started experimenting with bitcoin, sending it from one wallet to another. It’s intimidating and a little scary at first, but exciting to be using a brand new form of money. The Cautious Optimist decides to save 10% of their income in Bitcoin, as they understand it’s much more likely to maintain it’s purchasing power over time when compared to fiat currency.

Key Requirements: Open-Mindedness & Social Discussions

Woman and sunflowers

I am the HardHeaded Bull

man and bull flag

Target Allocation: 25% Bitcoin, 75% Fiat & Fiat-Backed Stablecoins

Profile: The HardHeaded Bull is deep in the weeds in discovering the significance of Bitcoin. They understand the role Bitcoin plays as a valuable portfolio diversifier and core asset to accumulate in a highly inflationary fiat environment. Bitcoin is quickly becoming foundational to the Hard-Headed Bulls Digital Asset Portfolio, and they opt to keep more and more of there finances in the cryptoeconomy. At this point, these individuals begin to look towards fiat-backed stablecoins like USDC to earn higher yields on their currencies, while minimizing short-term price fluctuations with bitcoin. Self-custodied cold storage is quickly becoming preferential for storing wealth of these individuals.

Key Requirements: An understanding of the Self-Sovereign Individual

I am the Seasoned HODLer

Target Allocation: 50% Bitcoin, 50% Stablecoins

Profile: The Seasoned Hodler has been tried and battle-tested over years of buying bitcoin. They’ve experienced the elated highs of the bitcoin bull markets and the despair of the bitcoin lows. HODL, short for Hold On for Dear Life, started as a meme back in 2013 and has quickly become a sort of rallying cry for the Bitcoin community. It also perfectly encapsulates the characteristics of the Seasoned Hodler. These individuals buy bitcoin at regular intervals, a strategy known as dollar-cost-averaging, without worrying about the day-to-day price fluctuations. They save their money in bitcoin & begin to measure their net worth in bitcoin-terms. They are 100% invested in the cryptoeconomy, balanced between stablecoins for their short-term financial needs and bitcoin, as their preferred savings vehicle. 

Key Requirements: Deep knowledge of the future of the global economy

Man and cliff

I am The Enlightened One

Woman and forest

Target Allocation: 100% Bitcoin

Profile: The Enlightened One has made a full transition to a Bitcoin Standard. He or she saves all their money in a global, borderless money designed to preserve purchasing power over time. They know how to save it for their long-term goals and aspirations, spend it on their day-to-day needs and are constantly helping others to make the transition themselves. The Enlightened One no longer worries about what Bitcoin trades at in fiat terms. They’ve simply switched currency’s to one designed to better value their time. These individuals have achieved a level of zen in their finances and no longer care much about pursuing money for money’s sake. They care about creating meaningful relationships, pursuing their passions and building a better future for humanity. In the Enlightened One’s world, money means less. They know 21 million BTC is all we have to work with, so they make it count.

Key Requirements: An unwavering belief in the future of Bitcoin