Your Digital Treasury Profile

Identify your ideal digital asset treasury allocation. Leverage stablecoins for increased day-to-day operational efficiencies and bitcoin for long-term value preservation. See what profile works for you:

Go Digital. Free Your Finances

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A Balanced Digital Treasury Strategy

Managing your financial treasury is a balancing act. Ensuring you have the capital to meet your short-term financial needs, while identifying assets that guarantee long-term purchasing power stability is increasingly difficult in today’s low-yield environment. The best strategies are often times the most simple. Identify your short-term financial overhead, your long-term business vision and proceed to allocate resources towards the Treasury Profile that fits your needs. Read below to find a Profile that works for you:

I am a Toe Dipper

The Toe Dipper

The Toe Dipper

Target Allocation: 5% Bitcoin, 95% Stablecoins

Profile: The Toe Dipper is the bravest of all the people on this list. They’ve made the decision to start their way down the bitcoin rabbit hole, a truly monumental first step for everyone. They’ve decided to embark on this journey, not knowing what lays on the other side. These individuals are open-minded and curious. They get the sense that something’s not right with the financial system and decide to investigate this thing called bitcoin, if only to shut their friend up who won’t stop talking about it. They may not know a whole lot about it but hell, it’s been around for 12 years now, might as well start looking into it. A 5% bitcoin allocation seems like a lot to them. And it should. Placing your trust in completely digital asset with no centralized controller of the system, is a big step. Little does the Toe Dipper know how deep the rabbit hole goes. 

Core Requirements: Patience, Curiousity & Willingness to Learn

I am Cautiously Optomistic